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Important Links Related to Jaaxy

  1. Jaaxy Free Trial – use Jaaxy full pro membership, no restrictions, for 30 keyword searches and find out for yourself how good Jaaxy is. Be smart! Don’t take this review (or any review) word for it!
  2. Jaaxy Goldmine Keyword Organizer – 100% no strings software which quickly extracts keywords that have  a minimum SEO score (how easy the keyword is to rank for) with a simple mouse click. Keyword phrases are automatically organized from highest SEO score at the top.

Who this Jaaxy Reviewer Is?

Evan Toder, reviewer of Jaaxy Keyword Tool
Evan Toder, reviewer of Jaaxy Keyword Tool

My name is Evan Toder. I have made as much as close to a quarter of a million dollars in a single year as an affiliate marketer (2013). I have the tax returns to prove it. I only made $105,000 in 2014 but hasn’t Googles algorithm changes kicked everyone in the balls? I own AffiliateSwitchblade website AND I created the software. I am not a fly by night spamming affiliate marketer who creates fake reviews to steal your money! I know a thing or two about affiliate marketing. More important, I am an actual REAL Pro Jaaxy customer and user. I have used MANY keyword tools both free and paid. I love Jaaxy the BEST hands down. Read on to find out why.

The Best About Jaaxy

  1. Price: Most paid seo keyword search tools cost a LOT of money! Wordstream, for example, is over $500 per year! Crazy. Jaaxy is only $19 per month.
  2. Payment Options: with Jaaxy you only pay MONTH BY MONTH. Don’t you hate it when something is advertised at a certain price per month and when you go to pay they attempt to charge for the entire year up front? With Jaaxy you pay month by month and can cancel at any time you wish with no obligation.
  3. Ease of Use: no complicated charts or graphs. Enter a keyword, look for the ones that are color coded green. Real simple. (tip: for even more power use Jaaxy seo keyword search tool in conjunction with a free program called Jaaxy Keyword Organizer)

Jaaxy Members Area Features and Images

Keyword Research Tool: this is the main tool of Jaaxy. Works very well and very easily. You could hire a 6 year old kid to use Jaaxy and he could not screw it up if he wanted to. Enter a seed keyword or keyword phrase and press the Find Keywords button. Look for the keywords returned that have a green dot next to them. The rest of the keywords suck. How hard is that?

Jaaxy keyword search tool
Jaaxy keyword search tool

Find Affiliate Programs: When you find a hot keyword in the keyword search tool use this tool to find affiliate programs related to that keyword. Enter in the keyword and press the Search button. Jaaxy shows you affiliate programs you can promote in Clickbank, Linkshare, Commission Junction and Digital River.

Jaaxy find affiliate programs tool.
Jaaxy find affiliate programs tool.

Page Search Position Checker: with this tool enter a keyword and see which web pages are the top search results for that keyword in Google. Lets you track how the content you create is doing in the search results.

Jaaxy Page Rank Check Tool.
Jaaxy Page Rank Check Tool.

Keyword Training Videos: several really good videos showing you the most important aspects of keyword research. Guarantee this is going to show you things you had no idea about.

Jaaxy keyword research training videos.
Jaaxy keyword research training videos.

9 Things your going to LOVE about Jaaxy

  • If you desire a top reviewed search engine keyword tool at a reasonable price then you want Jaaxy keyword research tool .
  • http://www.jaaxyfreetrial.com [Jaaxy] main task is a market and keyword research but http://www.jaaxyfreetrial.com also has additional SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING qualities that can help you at the same time also.
  • Jaaxy keyword research tool is so simplified there is basically no time used to get familiar at all.
  • I’ve done a lot of assessing with Jaaxy software and I am daily discovering page after page of great keyword competition tool that get a large number of real search engine queries in all the major search engines.
  • One thing I find nice about Jaaxy keyword tool is the color coding that makes it incredibly easy to find the keywords and phrases easy to rank highly for.
  • Jaaxy software has many training (video and text) keyword research.
  • Now you can easily test drive Jaaxy keyword tool out minus paying money with the free Jaaxy software trial.
  • For a keyword competition analysis tool more professional experiment with Jaaxy.
  • 100% free, Jaaxy Keyword Organizer free software which organizes only the search terms that have an SEO score of 90 or more.

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