Make your Blog Comment be Near the Top of ALL Comments

Posting a comment on blogs CAN be a great way to get traffic to your blog or website and a good way to build Page Rank value to your website as well.

The reason I say CAN is that if you leave a comment on a web page that already has lots of comments, depending on the total number of comments on the page already, your comment may never be seen or read by people OR search engines.

There is a very simple way to have your comment appear very near the top however.

Make your Comment be on Top of MOST All Other Comments

How? Simple. Most blog comment systems are set up so that you can reply to another persons comment so you are, in essence, commenting on a comment.

Reply to the top most comment and your comment will be the second comment on the page!

While getting any blog comment approved requires you leave a valuable comment that is not spam and offers something to the readers and the blog owner, getting your reply comment approved requires quality even more so but is definitely worth the extra effort as a comment that appears near the top will be read at a much higher percentage rate than comments at the bottom.

Notice how replying to another persons comment allows you cut to the front of the line so to speak. With 75 comments ahead of yours there is no way your comment will ever be seen without using this technique.





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