Display Latest Posts on Static WordPress Page

This page is going to show you how you can easily display your WordPress posts on a static WordPress page. In fact you can display your blogs latest posts on pretty much any website that allows you to input/edit javascript. The best part about this is you DO NOT need another plugin install to display your latest posts on a static WordPress page.

Step by Step – How to Show your Latest Posts on a Static WordPress Page

  1. Log in to your WordPress Site.
  2. Select the static page you wish to display the latest posts on.
  3. Select Text edit versus Visual so you have access to the source code of the page.
    Display WordPress Latest Blog Posts on Static WordPress Page
  4. Insert the following code right after the opening <body> tag. Click to view Code.
  5. Make sure to edit  feedurl  to represent your blogs feeds url which is usually   yourwebsitesaddress.com/feed/
  6. You can also edit feedbackcolor, feedscrollspeed, feedwidth and feedheight to match your WordPress static page theme/color scheme.
  7. Place the following code exactly where you wish the WordPress Latest Posts to appear on the static WordPress page. Click here to view Code.

Benefits to Putting this Scroller of your Blogs Latest Posts on as many Places Online as possible

  1. Free advertising for your website. This unique latest posts scroller stands out which is good. This means clicks and website visitors.
  2. Backlinks backlinks backlinks! What is great about this for backlinks is you are display changing and updating backlinks to the inner pages of your blog which is what the search engines love. Its self updating because every time you create a new blog post your feed is updated and so is this WordPress Latest Posts Scroller.

What WordPress Latest Posts Scroller Looks Like

Here is a live demonstration of the WordPress Latest Posts Scroller.


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