Display Latest Posts on Static WordPress Page

This page is going to show you how you can easily display your WordPress posts on a static WordPress page. In fact you can display your blogs latest posts on pretty much any website that allows you to input/edit javascript. The best part about this is you DO NOT need another plugin install to display your latest posts on a static WordPress page.

Step by Step – How to Show your Latest Posts on a Static WordPress Page

  1. Log in to your WordPress Site.
  2. Select the static page you wish to display the latest posts on.
  3. Select Text edit versus Visual so you have access to the source code of the page.
    Display WordPress Latest Blog Posts on Static WordPress Page
  4. Insert the following code right after the opening <body> tag. Click to view Code.
  5. Make sure to edit  feedurl  to represent your blogs feeds url which is usually   yourwebsitesaddress.com/feed/
  6. You can also edit feedbackcolor, feedscrollspeed, feedwidth and feedheight to match your WordPress static page theme/color scheme.
  7. Place the following code exactly where you wish the WordPress Latest Posts to appear on the static WordPress page. Click here to view Code.

Benefits to Putting this Scroller of your Blogs Latest Posts on as many Places Online as possible

  1. Free advertising for your website. This unique latest posts scroller stands out which is good. This means clicks and website visitors.
  2. Backlinks backlinks backlinks! What is great about this for backlinks is you are display changing and updating backlinks to the inner pages of your blog which is what the search engines love. Its self updating because every time you create a new blog post your feed is updated and so is this WordPress Latest Posts Scroller.

What WordPress Latest Posts Scroller Looks Like

Here is a live demonstration of the WordPress Latest Posts Scroller.


Automate Converting Blog Post Keywords into Links

This blog post is going to show you a few different ways you can save a lot of time, automating the process of turning words and phrases, in your blog, to keywords

The purpose of converting words and phrases in your blog to links

Think for a minute about the process of creating a blog post or webpage. If you’re a fairly fast typer the time it takes to create a decent blog post isn’t very long. If you use a decent text to speech software, like Dragon, it takes no time at all.

What really slows down the creation and posting of content is the formatting of your blog posts which includes:

  • Selecting words and phrases in your post, clicking the little hyperlink/infinity icon, typing in a link, pressing okay. If you’re only going to be converting a couple of phrases into links no big deal but if you have a pretty long blog post if you have to insert more than two or three links it gets fairly time-consuming.

Imagine if there was some way that you can just click a button and every relevant keyword phrase within your blog post automatically, and randomly, is hyperlinked to some of the tons of content you have already created on your website and other places online.

The automation of converting your keywords into links is a huge time saver and headache saver.

WordPress options for converting your keywords into links

If you use word press there are several plug-ins you can use.

  • AffLinker: https://wordpress.org/plugins/affilinker/ Add the list of keywords and corresponding Affiliate Links (not only Affiliate Links, you can add any URL). Now AffiLinker, automatically turns all those keywords into the given Affiliate Link. You can customize the look-n-feel of each and every Affiliate Link to make your visitors Love-To-Click. The free version works with most of the interesting features but restricted to manage 6 different Affiliate Links only.
  • Keywords to Amazon Links: https://wordpress.org/plugins/keywords-to-amazon-links/ Enter as many keywords as you want and this plugin will automatically convert those keywords into Amazon affiliate links in your posts and pages. Obviously the problem with this plugin is it only works for Amazon affiliate links.
  • BixT: https://wordpress.org/plugins/bixt/ Uses Bixt.net which is a free web service that allows you to monetize your site or blog by converting selected keywords or keyword phrases into affiliate links. You can use the same settings on multiple sites. This seems like the best plugin of the three with the most flexibility and most features.
  • SkimLinks: http://skimlinks.com/skimwords This is not a WordPress plugin, per se, it is a web based service, but I am sure it is compatible with it. It is not free but not very expensive either.

I have never been a huge fan of WordPress or anything related to WordPress simply because I don’t know the coding behind it.

No matter how great a plug-in is how do you know:

  • The person who created the plug-in doesn’t have serious errors in the code. Even a minor error in code can come to haunt you someday. Look at any plugin at wordpress.org and your will notice they all have some one and two star reviews. These are probably people who have accidentally encounter one of these errors.
  • The person who created the plug-in has honorable intentions. It’s all too easy to insert a few lines of malicious code that do things like build somebody else’s blog back links without your knowing about it and other things like that.
  • Lack of control. If you’re not personally making it or creating it you have to accept whatever is out there the way it is.
image of malicious wordpress plugin code.
Injection of hidden code is all too easy for a wordpress plugin creator.

JavaScript for automating the conversion of key phrases and words into hyperlinks

I like this option much more. With this option you a full control over what the code does. If you don’t know a thing about JavaScript it’s not too difficult or too expensive to hire somebody to do what you want at a site like freelancer.com or fiver.com. If you do know a bit about Javascript or JQuery the do a Google search for javascript convert keywords to links or jquery convert keywords to links. Find code to suite your needs and modify it as needed.

Instant links inserter for converting blog phrases into hyperlinks

This is one of the software programs built into affiliate switchblade software. What I like about this program is it operates totally independent of whatever you use to create website pages or blog posts.

Image of convert keywords to links software.
Instant Links Inserter software can convert unlimited keywords to links, not just affiliate links.

The way Instant Links Inserter works is

You set it up by entering keywords and phrases and a list of URLs to associate with those keywords and phrases. The library of words and phrases and associated URLs is limitless. A good way to handle this is every time you create a blog post somewhere, anywhere, take that URL and turn it into multiple URLs via link shortening services and enter those URLs and related keywords into the program.

Take any piece of content you want to post put it into instant links inserter and press the insert links button and instantly any of the keywords and phrases that are in the Instant Links Inserter library automatically get hyperlinked with numerous options to the software such as the ability to open off-site links in a new window, include no follow in the links as well as spin the article if the article you put into Instant Links Inserter is in spin format.


For me the actual creation of content is a pretty fast and easy process. The real bottleneck is the formatting of that content such as the creation of hyperlinks, inserting and formatting images and related stuff. Whichever of the above options I mentioned works best for you you should find some solution for automating the process of hyperlinking your content. It will save you a lot of time and free up that time for more creative stuff.